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09 Feb 2018


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 20 Feb 2012

Let's say you are a math teacher who would like to prepare some lessons for the students. Or maybe you would like to design some test question to check their knowledge. Of course, you could use pen and paper for doing that, but a much greater idea would be using a specialized software that can write all the math. This way, your work will look better and the notions you are trying to teach will certainly be understood better by students. For writing mathematical expressions you could use the equation editor included in the Microsoft Office pack but, unfortunately, it lacks a lot of options and is very difficult to use. An alternative software that enables you to write anything regarding math is Math Resource Studio. It's basically a program that has all you need for writing any type of equation, designing graphs and so on. The software is not limited only to writing math expressions, it can also find the correct result for each of them. This way you will know whether a student has the good answer or not, without calculating the entire expression yourself.

Math Resource Studio is not difficult to install, nor takes a lot of time to complete the installation process. It supports most versions of the Windows operating system and it takes up little hard disk space.

The interface has all the options in the right place and seems very easy to use. It features a splash screen that lets you choose which type of math project you would like to create. If the user doesn't find a desired template, he can create a project from scratch. This is not difficult, as all the features included in the interface are self-explanatory. The types of equations and expressions that can be added to a project are listed in the left part. One can customize all the aspects of an expression, like its values. The result will be displayed according to this modification.

Finished projects can be saved as a project file or can be directly printed from the program. For every project, the date will be automatically displayed in the upper part of the document.


It includes an impressive library with different types of equations, formulas and expressions and each one of them can be modified. Besides that, the program can automatically calculate any expression and can display the correct answer.


The software doesn't allow saving projects as regular document files. Besides that, the user can add only one of the included expressions from the library and he cannot create his own. Math Resource Studio is the perfect software for creating any type of math documentation.

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